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Whippet Dog

Surgical Services

We are able to perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries. If we are not able to perform the surgery that your pet needs, we have the ability to refer you to several board-certified surgeons who we would trust with our own pets.

At this time we are not able to provide any emergency after-hours surgical services, or orthopedic procedures. We have limited availability for emergency soft tissue procedures during office hours, and availability will vary based on our schedule. We can provide you referral options for these services, as well.

Routine Spay/Neuter

We routinely perform spays on female pets and neuters on male pets. We can perform these surgeries when a cat or dog is around 6 months of age or older. Spaying and neutering helps to prevent many health issues, as well as some undesirable behaviors. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to discuss with you how spaying or neutering could specifically benefit you and your pet.

Dental Procedures

At this time, we are able to perform basic dental cleaning procedures, as well as dental extractions. If your pet needs extensive dental work beyond the scope of our capabilities, we would be happy to put together a plan to refer you to a veterinary dentist. We can also give you advice on taking care of your pet's oral health at home.

Soft Tissue Surgery

From mass removals to abdominal exploratory surgery, we are able to perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries and will do our very best to get your pet the surgical intervention they need.

Emergency Surgeries

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer after hours emergency surgical services. If your pet has a surgical emergency during business hours, we will do our best to get your pet the care they need as staffing and scheduling allows, or we will refer you to someone who can.

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