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Puppy/Kitten Visits

When puppies and kittens are 6-8 weeks old, they are ready to begin their series of vaccinations and checkups to keep them healthy and protected against disease. We will also educate you on the next steps to build a foundation for a happy, healthy life!

Annual Wellness Exams

Every pet should come in for a wellness visit at least once a year. During these visits we will make sure your pet is protected with necessary vaccinations, perform general checkups (including testing for heartworms and intestinal parasites), give recommendations for flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and recommend any other testing or treatments that may benefit your pet.

Dalmatian Dog
Visit to the Vet


We can perform all core vaccinations on your pet, as well as educate and recommend optional vaccines for pets with certain lifestyle-based risk factors. We will put together the appropriate vaccination schedule and will let you know when to come back for additional boosters.


We can implant microchips, and we even take the next step out of your hands by registering your pet with the microchip company at time of service. Microchipping gives you the peace of mind that your pets can find their way back to you, should they go missing.

Dog Running in Water
Cat Nibble

Nutritional Advice

Our veterinarians and technicians/assistants can answer any questions you have about your pet's diet, as well as make appropriate recommendations based on their specific needs.

Parasite Prevention

We have a variety of products and testing modalities to keep your pet free of heartworms, fleas, ticks, mites, and intestinal parasites. Should your pet come up positive for any of those creepy-crawlies, well, we can get rid of them, too!

Grey Cat
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